Juki DDL-8000A

Juki DDL-8000A


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The Juki 8000A is a direct drive, high-speed single needle lockstitch machine which has a thread trimmer and an automatic foot lift built in. The new Juki DDL-8000A is a sleek and modern design with an easy to use LCD display and lighting for improved precision. Juki DDL-8000A series is renowned for keeping all works free from oil stains, utilising innovative technology, and Juki’s dry head technology! This means you can maximise profits by minimising wasted and spoiled materials.

If you are looking for the Juki DDL-8000A but want it to handle heavy materials, opt for the Juki DDL-900B

All of our industrials have a 1-year guarantee and come built complete with machine head, tabletop, stand with wheels, servo motor, draw, cotton post and some bobbins and needles to get you started.

Features Of The New Juki DDL-8000A

  • Direct drive (motor is in the head of machine)
  • Automatic thread trimmer
  • Automatic foot lift (press the pedal back and presser foot will lift)
  • 2 x USB Ports for updates and operators to charge their phones
  • Dry head technology prevents any oil leaks or stains
  • Control box and panel incorporated into machine head
  • Voice guide – tells you when you need to refill with oil, your productivity rate, machine operating rate etc.
  • LCD Screen with stitching information, product information, sewing speed, reverse stitching, bobbin thread counter, error codes etc.
  • Auto foot lift built in and powered directly by the internal motor
  • LED Lighting
  • Reverse Lever
  • Medium weight fabrics
  • 5000 spm (adjustable)
  • 5mm maximum length
  • Needle code DB X 1
  • Presser foot lift 5.5 mm by hand
  • Presser foot lift by knee (1st stage 8.5mm) (2nd stage 13mm)

Other Variations of this machine 

  • DDL-8000AP-SH – Heavy duty version of 8000A

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