Juki Industrial Sewing Machines UK

If you’re looking for a sewing machine that can handle multiple tasks with ease, look no further! Defined by versatility, simplicity and durability, Juki is one of the most trusted and well-known sewing machine brands in the world. With over 80 years of experience in producing sewing machines, you will certainly be in good hands.

Our collection of Juki sewing machines has been carefully curated, comprised of the brand’s most popular and premium products. In particular, this collection has been tailored for those who are in the market for an industrial sewing machine, rather than a more lightweight domestic model.

Typically made for factories and businesses, industrial-grade models are designed for a more heavy-duty workload than regular home sewing machines. Thus, they can run for much longer; handle many layers of fabrics/heavy-weight fabric without getting jammed up; and move at a much faster speed.

Whilst you may associate these characteristics with a machine that is more difficult to operate, a Juki industrial sewing machine is both easy-to-use and high-performance. Juki straight stitch machines are particularly good for those with little experience. If you are a beginner sewer, it will help you achieve professional results!

Alternatively, we also stock a range of models that are suited to a more experienced sewer. From our Juki buttonhole machine to our zig zag machines, there are a number of advanced stitching capabilities for our customers to explore. It is important to know the differences between each model and which are suitable for the sorts of tasks you will be undertaking, as this should heavily inform your choice.

Whatever your needs, budget, or experience level, browse above and find the Juki sewing machine perfect for you!

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