Pfaff produces a variety of models, everything from computerised sewing machines to embroidery or quilting machines, many of which can be found below on this page!

The History of Pfaff Sewing Machines

In 1862, the German-based sewing manufacturer Pfaff was created. Now 160 years later, they still produce some of the best sewing machines available for purchase in the UK.

Founded in Kaiserslautern by George Michael Pfaff, an instrument maker, their machines would immediately create a high demand due to their ingenuity and consistent performance. Their goal was to create machines that gave unparalleled freedom to their user, due to the precision of their tools. By 1910 they had already produced over one million sewing machines. Because of this, their models have inspired the creation of many other designs by competing brands. However, to get a true Pfaff experience, you need one of their machines.

Currently, it is owned by SVP Worldwide, which also owns Singer and Viking sewing machines. This ownership has allowed collaboration to create higher quality products, yet the integral aspect of a Pfaff machine has managed to stay the same.

Pfaff, Perfection Starts Here

Pfaff proclaims that they create ‘perfection’ and that is not an exaggeration. With a Pfaff sewing machine, you get an expertly crafted piece of German engineering.

Our range of Pfaff sewing machines are low in price but high in quality. You can find a selection of models from entry-level to professional-grade equipment. Additionally, each Pfaff sewing machine is robust yet lightweight and easy to use, making it the perfect choice for your first machine or even your last.

With Pfaff machines, you get to pick from some of the UK’s very best domestic sewing machines. From computerised machines that can do a bit of everything to more specific models that offer unique embroidery features, Pfaff has you covered.

Whatever your needs, budget, or experience level, browse above and find the Pfaff sewing machine perfect for you!