Jack S7-91-T Post Bed Machine


Jack Post Bed Machine S7-91-T 

  • For Leather Items, Shoes, Suitcases, Bags, Gloves Etc.
  • Automatic Thread Trimming
  • Automatic Foot Lifter
  • 12mm Foot Lift Height
  • Large Touch Screen
  • Can Penetrate 110 Layers of A4 Paper

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SKU: S7-91-T 

The Jack S7-91-T is a Postbed machine with computerized independent double rollers feeding and intelligent control: it is the perfect choice for variety of high-end leather shoes, sports shoes, suitcases, bags, gloves, leather products such as clothes, hats, etc.

Comes built complete with the stand on wheels, table and thread post.


  • Digital Post Bed Machine
  • Double Rollers for Feeding Material
  • Perfect for High End Leather Shoes, Sports Shoes, Suitcases, Bags, Gloves and Leather Products
  • Step Motor Controlling Bartack – Making it Quieter and Faster
  • Fine Adjustment of the Roller Pressure (with screw located at upper part of machine)
  • Button to Quickly Change Stitch Length
  • Extendable Bartack Lever – Made of Double Layer, 2nd part will extend for easy use while sewing
  • Large Touch Screen – 5 inch screen, Easy to use and allows you to change speed, stitch length, sewing modes
  • Sewing Pattern Capability – Possible to Program Ornamental Stitches by Programming Different Stitch Lengths/Stitch Repetition
  • Self Cooling Handwheel – Keeps Internal Components Cool to Extend Machine Life
  • Folding Guide – Ensures Same Distance from Seams & Prevents Thread Loosening During Tight Stitches when Fabric Thickness Changes.
  • High Perforation Capability – Can Penetrate More than 110 Layers of A4 Paper & Ultra Heavy Fabrics
  • Ultra Violet Light – To Improve Visibility of the Drawn Line of the Seam.
  • Short Thread Trimming – Precise and Clean Thread Trim Cuts to 3mm
  • Bobbin End Detection – Auto Detection of Thread when less than 30cm the Machine will Stop.
  • 2500 Stitches Per Minute Maximum Sewing Speed
  • 12mm Presser Foot Lift Height
  • 5mm Stitch Length
  • Automatic Thread Trimming
  • Auto Foot Lifter

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