Shopping for a new sewing machine can be a confusing and overwhelming process thanks to the sheer volume of options. While it’s great to have many options for sewing machines, it does make it hard to narrow down your choices. So, how do you pick a new machine? One of the best tips is to stick with the most reliable brands. These are brands that stand the test of time and consistently get top reviews from users.

Wondering what we’d pick as our top 10 most reliable sewing machine brands? Here’s a look at what we recommend.


When it comes to offering a variety of functions, Bernina set the bar. It was the first brand to do so and was founded in Switzerland. Today it offers machines with all the best features and technology on the market, appealing to both beginners and advanced sewers. Keep in mind that if you want something top-of-the-line, you’ll need to look for models manufactured in Switzerland versus the more beginner-friendly models manufactured in Thailand.


Then we have Bernette, which is another impressive brand. These are ideal for the sewer who wants good value for their money, as you’ll find they have premium features but don’t enter into the high-end cost category. If you’re a beginner who wants to step things up a bit, this is the brand for you.


Brother is a name recognised around the world, and their sewing machines deserve a mention. If you’re after a computerised model, Brother can suit your needs and its competitive price point makes it attractive to beginners.


What makes Elna unique is the look of its machines, which many have called revolutionary. They are perfect for home sewers offering up an array of affordable machines to choose from.

Husqvarna Viking

Founded in 1947, this Swedish brand doesn’t mess around where quality is concerned. Husqvarna is owned by the same parent company as Pfaff and Singer, so expect to find many of the same features. It’s worth noting that Husqvarna was the one who introduced microchips in sewing machines.


Yes, it’s that same Jaguar that makes high-end luxury automobiles – they also make sewing machines. These machines are manufactured in Vietnam and China and, again, meet the needs of the home sewer.


Beginners who are progressing into the intermediate territory tend to want an upgrade in terms of the sewing machine they use. Janome is famous for high-quality designs that are extremely durable. If you’re looking for a machine with lots of stitch options, Janome has you covered. What’s even better is the fact they are very reasonably priced and don’t require a sizeable investment. Besides sewing machines, Janome also offers cover stitch machines and sergers.


This Japanese-based brand is all about quality, offering both at-home machines and industrial machines. Those who own a Juki often comment on the quality, as these machines are the type you can have for a long time without any fear of it breaking down.


Singer is easily the most iconic brand on the list and dates back to 1851. It has built a solid reputation for itself offering a full lineup of machines at every price point with every feature you can imagine.


The more advanced sewers will likely be drawn to what Pfaff has to offer. Its machines are durable and reliable, and offer a lot more features than you’ll find on entry-level machines. If you’re into quilting or embroidery, Pfaff can handle the task.

The fact is that any one of these brands is a safe bet when it comes to reliability, durability and features. It all comes down to the specifics that you’re looking for in a sewing machine.