So you are looking to buy a reliable sewing machine, likely you have heard of brands such as Singer or Brother. You might however want to also check out a Juki sewing machine. Typically made in Japan these models are available across the whole of the UK.  Juki has been producing sewing machines for over 8 decades now and has been steadily developing some of the best sewing machines on the market. If you are looking for something versatile, durable and easy to use then a Juki sewing machine is the choice for you. Without further ado here are the best 10 Juki sewing machines. Fortunately, these professional sewing machines are all currently available at Direct Sewing Machines! Before we get started there are a few things to note. Our whole range of Juki industrial machines come built complete with the machine head, machine table, jack stand on wheels, jack motor, cotton post, storage draw and some bobbins and needles. This makes it easy to get started sewing as soon as you get your own Juki.

10. Juki DDL-8100ES (£550)

Juki DDL-8100ESThe Juki DDL-8100ES is a nice entry-level industrial sewing machine. It’s easy to use a model that handles light or medium weight fabrics very well. The fact that one of the most beloved industrial sewing machines comes in only at the number 10 spot shows just how well made a Juki sewing machine is. The model is a single need lockstitch machine. Typically when you picture a sewing machine this is what comes to mind. As you can use a lockstitch machine on most projects. For those who want to know the exact list of features, here’s what this Juki sewing machine has to offer:
  • A Silent Servo motor (these motors produce stitches at a low volume)
  • A maximum speed of 4500 stitches per minute (SPM) 
  • Easy to use adjustable speed control
  • 2 Presser foot lifts
  • A stitch length dial that can have a maximum stitch length of 5mm
  • Self Oiling system 

9.  Juki DDL-7000A (£799)

Juki DDL-7000AThe Juki DDL-7000A is the first automatic machine making this list. It won’t be the last on this list, however. Its design features impressive additions such as automatic thread trimming and automatic backtack. This allows you to carry out more projects faster, with better precision. It handles light to medium weight materials the best. It also carries a needle breakage prevention function to reduce the amount of needle breaking. So here’s a full rundown on what this machine has to offer:
  • Silent Servo motor
  • LED lighting, aids with working in the dark or dimly lit rooms
  • USB port in the control box allows you to charge your phone and get updates
  • A maximum speed of 5000 SPM
  • 2 types of presser foots 
  • 35mm needle bar stroke
  • Automatic thread trimming and backtrack

8. Juki DDL-8100EH (£550)

The Juki DDL-8100EH is another great choice for an industrial straight stitch machine. It offers a bit more functionally than the DDL-8100ES with its ability to use heavier threads. Since it can handle heavier threads this is one of the best options for someone looking to start sewing into heavier materials. So here are some of the features you will want to know about before buying:
  • Silent Servo motor
  • Has a stitch length dial (max of 5mm)
  • A maximum speed of 4000 SPM
  • Is self-oiling (only need to refill with oil every 5 years)
  • 2 types of presser foot lift
  • Has a reverse lever

7. Juki DDL-8700 (£599)

This is essentially the DDL-8100ES but with some very useful improvements. All of the important features from the DDL-8100ES can be found here on the Juki DDL-8700 as well. It is another high-performance Juki sewing machine designed as an industrial straight stitch machine.  So what is still there from the DDL-8100ES and what improvements have been made: 
  • Silent Servo motor
  • Has a stitch length dial (max of 5mm)
  • A maximum speed of 5500 SPM
  • 2 types of presser foot lifts
  • 4-row speed dog for consistent sewing

6. Juki DDL-7000AH (£845)

Looking at the DDL-7000 we can see some improvements can be made and that’s where the Juki DDL-7000AH comes in. The most important improvement we notice between the two is the ability to work on heavier material and use heavy threads. This simple improvement gives you far more versatility on projects. Here’s what you get with this automatic industrial machine:
  • Silent Servo motor
  • LED lighting, aids with working in the dark or dimly lit rooms
  • USB port in the control box allows you to charge your phone and get updates
  • A maximum speed of 5000 SPM
  • 2 types of presser foots 
  • 35mm needle bar stroke
  • Automatic thread trimming and backtack
  • Functional touchback switch (performs reverse feed stitching)
  • Can be used on medium and heavy materials with ease

5. Juki DDL-8000AP (£1,250)

Now that we are looking at the top 5 Juki sewing machines we will only be suggesting a machine that can handle heavy material. To get the most out of your sewing machine having a reliable heavy-duty machine means you can finish most projects with this machine alone. This machine is a favourite in the UK for its wide array of features. Here’s what you get with this model:
  • An automatic presser foot lift, backtack and thread trimming
  • An adjustable LED with 5 brightness intensities
  • Easy to use control panel 
  • Reverse lever 
  • A maximum speed of 4500 SPM (speed is adjustable using the control panel)
  • A semi dry-head (reducing the chance of oil stains)
  • USB port for charging phones and installing updates
  • Voice guidance for assisting the operator (can be turned off)
  • 5mm stitch length 
  • Energy-saving (turns itself off after a length of inactivity)

4. Juki DU1181 Walking foot (£950) 

juki 20DU118129 walking footPerfect for those who are purists and just want to get the job done. The Juki DU1181 Walking foot is an incredibly reliable machine. It is fully capable of working on heavy-duty materials. Like the rest of our industrial sewing machines, this model comes built to order. This means it comes complete with a premium stand, premium sewing table, machine head, accessory draw and cotton post. Additionally, when doing work on multiple layers or thicker materials a walking foot is extremely helpful in making sure you produce high-quality work. These are some more useful features found in this Juki sewing machine:
  • Silent Servo motor
  • A needle bar stroke of 36.5mm
  • Stitch length of 0 to 9mm
  • Is self-oiling
  • Knee lifter
  • Reverse lever
  • Presser Lift Height 5.5mm by hand lift/15mm by knee lift

3. Juki DDL-8700H (£649)

JUKI DDL-8700-H (HEAVY DUTY)This is Direct Sewing’s personal choice for the best value for money Juki sewing machine. Across the whole of the UK, you will find people raving about how much they love this machine. Despite it not having as many features as other models in the Juki range, the Juki DDL-8700H is one of the best-built sewing machines on the market. This industrial straight stitch machine doesn’t disappoint and can handle heavy materials. Projects such as curtain making, upholstery and sewing through denim or even leather become easy options.  So here’s what it has to offer at only £649:
  • Silent Servo motor
  • Max sewing speed of 4000 SPM
  • Longer needle bar stroke 
  • Knee lift
  • Handles heavy threads with ease
Although the machine may appear to have limited functionality. The strength of this machine is the simple design, consistency when stitching and quality of the build.

2. Juki DLU-5490N-7 (£3,495)

When looking at the best and top-rated Juki machines in the UK, you will notice their popularity for their walking foot models. This isn’t the first one featured in this list but it is a serious improvement on the DU1181 Walking foot model. Additionally, we sell this product cheaper than other competitors selling the DLU-5490N. That same model lacks an automatic thread trimmer! Here are some of the noticeable features and additions with the Juki DLU-5490N-7:
  • Silent Servo motor
  • A maximum speed of 4500 SPM
  • 5mm stitch length
  • 8mm max top feed amount (for stable gathering stitches)
  • 13mm knee lift
  • Automatic thread trimmer
  • 1 needle bottom and variable top feed lockstitch machine
  • Easy to use control panel
  • A built-in variable top feed mechanism
  • Walking foot provides a stable feed at all times
  • Ideally balanced top and bottom feed

1. Juki TSC-441 Heavy duty cylinder arm (7,110)

JUKI TSC-441 Heavy duty cylinder armFinally, we have arrived at our top choice at DSM. The Juki TSC-441 Heavy duty cylinder arm is not only one of the best Juki models, but it is one of the best industrial sewing machines available to buy in the UK. For those regularly using their sewing machine who want a professional job done. You need a professional machine. This machine does lockstitch with ease and handles heavy materials just the same.  So this is what you get from this Juki sewing machine:
  • Single needle, Walking foot, Lockstitch, Unison feed machine
  • Large shuttle hook (able to cope with heavy gauge threads)
  • 20mm presser foot lift (by knee)
  • 12mm presser foot lift (by hand)
  • Up to an 11mm max stitch length
  • Large capacity hook
  • A maximum of 800 SPM
  • A top and bottom feed mechanism has been added to the machine’s needle feed system to ensure higher feed efficiency and higher quality of seams without uneven fabric feed
  • 56mm needle bar stroke
  • Cylinder bed diameter 81mm
  • 420mm free space for sewing

Honourable mentions for best sewing machine by Juki

When making this list we wanted to pick out the most versatile options. These Juki sewing machines didn’t make the top 10 despite their build quality due to the less practical use you can get out of them.

Juki LZ-2280 AB zig zag machine (£2795)

Here’s what the LZ-2280 has to offer:
  • Silent Servo motor
  • A maximum speed of 5000 SPM
  • 8mm zig-zag width
  • 5mm stitch length
  • 5.5mm presser foot lift by hand
  • 10mm presser foot lift by knee lift
  • Automatic Lubrication
  • Reverse Lever
  • Thread Trimmer (optional to add)
  • LED Light installed
  • Micro-Lifter on top of the machine to reduce material slippage and reduce any damage to fabrics from the presser foot
  • 1 needle lockstitch, zig-zag machine

Juki 6816-S 5 Thread Overlocker

The Juki 6816-S 5 Thread Overlocker is capable of sewing into light to medium fabrics. Therefore it is able to help you with tailoring, upholstery and other projects.
  • Silent Servo motor
  • Fabric Trimming Blade
  • Foot Lifter
  • Wider and brighter needle entry
  • Differential feed micro-adjustment mechanism
  • Quality seams even at high speed
  • Safety stitch machine
  • Max speed 7000 SPM
  • Needle bar stroke 24.5mm
  • Needle System B27
  • Max presser foot lift 7mm

After reading this you should be able to make the best decision for you. If you need more help making your decision make sure to contact us. Our experts can be reached on 0207 738 9040 for more information.