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The Italian company Stirovap has beenon the market since 1965 and all of those years spent making and selling Stirovapindustrial irons have given them great expertise when it comes to their craft.They were once Italy’s leading company for steam irons and held onto that titlefor longer than most other companies would be able to. This is because Stirovaphave always prioritised the quality of their industrial irons and Stirovapironing boards. Every one of their products are assembled with care using thebest quality components and all of their products are carefully inspected andtested before they are put up for sale. When Stirovap industrial irons aretested they are checked for performance, durability and reliability, so you canbe sure that your iron will last a long time and won’t fail you when you needthem.

The Stirovap industrial irons andcommercial irons that we have in stock are some of our best ever sellers. Wehave some of the latest models, made from high quality stainless steel. Theirlever drain valve makes for easy cleaning and the steam generator can hold upto 6.5 litres of water, capable of producing steam for hours without runningout. Stirovap’s domestic irons are equally as impressive and perfect for effectiveironing at home. They include a pressure gauge that will tell you how muchsteam you have left to use as well as other handy features to make ironing easy.So, whether you need an iron for your business or just want to improve yourironing at home, these Stirovap products have everything you need. 

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Whether you’re using your iron at work or at home, we stock Stirovap iron boards to suit all of your needs. Our domestic Stirovap iron boards have specialised features to speed up your ironing, such as a suction system and temperature control, and they can easily be folded away and stored. They’re lightweight, high-tech and easy to use. Our professional Stirovap iron boards can completely cut your ironing time in half. An 800W element can heat the boards up to a maximum of 120 degrees and an interactive thermostat allows you to adjust the temperature to your liking, ensuring that you get a perfect, crease-free finish. Some of our boards also include interchangeable heated pressing shapes to maximise the efficiency of your ironing technique. Available on request, these interchangeable components make ironing sleeves, jackets and trousers a breeze. None of our professional Stirovap iron boards need installation and they are perfect for any business that deals with large loads of ironing, such as a dry cleaners or a hotel. All you need is a simple 3 pin plug socket (13 amp) to have your iron board up and running. Paired with one of our Stirovap industrial irons, your ironing will be quick, easy and effective.

Our Stirovap industrial irons and iron boards are some of the most competitively priced on the market and are guaranteed to give you great value for money. So, feel free to browse the selection we have in stock.

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