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For a long time, Singer has been the company behind the most technologically advanced sewing machines on the market and their products are always in high demand. They are one of the leaders of the industry, being the first to design electronic sewing machines, and all of their equipment comes highly recommended by professionals and amateurs alike. Singer sewing machines are some of the best that you can find on the market and can be found in homes and workshops all over the world.

If you’re looking for innovative equipment of an unbeatable quality then a Singer sewing machine is what you need. For the unpractised sewer, Singer sewing machines are easy to use and have automatic features – such as the automatic needle threader and bobbin winder – that will make your first experience of machine sewing easy, comfortable and enjoyable. For the avid sewer, the many adjustable settings and durability of Singer’s sewing machines allow you to make complex creations with ease and your machine will be able to keep up with your pace and last for a long time.

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Each of our Singer sewing machines has special features that allow you to customise your sewing and personalise your creations. This includes quilting features, digital interface that allows you to save and adjust stitching patterns, adjustable needle positions, and presser foots with adjustable pressure.

All of our Singer sewing machines are durable and reliable while at the same time lightweight. The internal skeletons made from metal can protect the inner components as well as give the mechanisms adequate support to ensure that your sewing is skip-free and that your machine stays put while you work, no matter what speed you work at. The Singer Heavy Duty 4411 and the Singer 7470 that we have available are also portable and can be easily transported and stored, meaning that you can easily take your sewing with you. Features like four and six segment feed dog systems also make the sewing process easier by supporting your fabrics properly and preventing them from sliding while you’re working. This feature is very important when sewing with thick or heavy fabrics that might be a strain to hold in place as well as silky fabrics that tend to try and escape the needle.

Included with each of our Singer sewing machines is also a range of Singer accessories that will improve your sewing experience and allow you to get the best results from your machine. Everything from spare bobbins to screw drivers is included as well as any accompanying interchangeable components that allow you to adjust the performance of your Singer sewing machine. All of our Singer sewing machines also have built in storage compartments so that you can safely store and keep track of your accessories and spare equipment.

If you discover any issues with your Singer sewing machine after your purchase we offer servicing and repairs all over the UK, with same day repairs in store.

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Singer Confidence 7640

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Singer Confidence 7470 -11%

Singer Confidence 7470

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£449.00 £399.00

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