Typical GC0303

Typical GC0303


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The Typical GC0303 is a flat-bed style industrial sewing machine for use on medium & medium-heavy weight materials.

An Excellent walking foot heavy duty machine ideal for heavy upholstery Etc.. 

The Typical GC0303 features a top feed walking foot and bottom feed system, with an alternating foot lift mechanism that is suitable to sew medium & medium-heavy weight materials such as horse rugs leather, synthetics, canvas, plastics, webbing, upholstery, tarpaulin + heavier than normal standard fabrics.

The balanced sewing machine head benefits from automatic lubrication to reduce wear & tear, resulting in improved durability, lower noise levels, smoother running and minimal maintenance costs.

The fitting of a large hook & base as standard, reduces the number of bobbin changes and helps when using the thicker threads associated with heavier than normal materials. A large stitch length is available up to 8mm.

The heavy duty top walking foot mechanism combined with standard bottom feed; produces a positive feed action and allows true even stitching.

Needle sizes for the Typical GC0303 can range from size 100 up-to the extra thick size 160.


  • Features:
  • Large Hook & base

  • Auto hook lubrication

  • Auto head lubrication

  • Reverse stitch lever

  • Large stitch feature up-to 8mm


Max sewing speed: 1800rpm                             

Stitch length: 1-8mm                                                          

Needle bar stroke: 35mm                                                   

Presser foot lift by hand: 6mm Presser foot lift by foot:13mm

Needle size: 135×17



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