Snail 2 Litre Ironing Boiler and Iron


Snail 2 Litre 

  • FREE Teflon Shoe Included
  • Boiler and Iron
  • Made in Italy
SKU: Snail 2 Litre

The Snail 2L ironing boiler and iron is a professional system ideal for small business or personal use. Includes a free teflon shoe which limits burn or scorch marks on darker materials.


  • Professional level equipment
  • 1.2 Litre capacity
  • 1800 Watt operating power
  • Easy adjustment of steam flow
  • Stainless steel – the boiler and fittings are made of stainless steel while the outer body is steel with a special heatproof coating
  • Pressure switch and thermostat for safety of use
  • Solenoid mounted on the outside of the boiler – this is ideal for easy steam flow adjustments
  • Over pressure safety release valve
  • Low water level light – a warning light to signal the water needs re-filling
  • Lightweight heavy duty iron with a cork handle
  • Silicone iron rest pad
  • Robust to last a long time
  • Made in Italy
  • Gross Weight Approx 11.7kg
  • Box size 41cm x 30cm x 32cm