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Pfaff Hobbylock 2.0


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  • The clean, sophisticated design is characteristic of the new PFAFF® overlock machines. Its origins lie in German tradition and combine high performance standards with modern form. Highest perfection, waiting for you and your ideas.
  • Multi-functional
    • Light or heavy, stretch or woven – a PFAFF® overlock machine offers the right stitch for every fabric. Durable seams, perfectly finished edges, professional hems, and decorative effects – everything is possible.
  • Quick
    • In one single step, a PFAFF® overlock machine stitches two fabric pieces together, trims the fabric edge, and finishes it – so quickly that it is a joy to watch. Electronic speed control guarantees full piercing power at all speeds. Sews 1300 stitches per minute – sew faster save time.
  • Precise
    • Each fibre of fabric is caught thoroughly to prevent fraying. Perfectly even seams on every fabric, thanks to differential feed. No stretching or puckering. Adjustable settings for all types of fabrics and techniques.
  • 4, 3, 2 thread sewing
    • Many options for utility and decorative sewing.
  • 15 stitches
    • Trim, stitch, overcast and decorate projects in half the time.
  • 4-thread overlock
    • Reinforced overlock stitch for perfect sewing, trimming and finishing.
  • 3-thread overlock
    • Wide and narrow overlock seams and decorative techniques.
  • 2-thread overlock
    • Rolled edge and flatlock, wide and narrow.
  • Built-in rolled edge
    • Sew 2 or 3 thread rolled hems quickly without changing the presser foot or the stitch plate.
  • Lay-in tension & colour coded thread paths
    • For quick, convenient threading.
  • Threading guides
    • Detailed interactive DVD and printed quick guide for threading all stitches.
  • Free arm
    • Makes sewing cuffs, sleeves and other small areas easy.
  • Differential feed
    • Adjustable for perfectly even seams, no stretching of the seam or puckering of fine fabrics.
  • Adjustable stitch length, width & pressure
    • Adjustable stitch length, cutting width and presser foot pressure – choose optimal settings for different fabrics and techniques.
  • Extra presser foot height
    • Room for several layers or heavy fabrics.
  • Safety lockout
    • When the front cover is open the machine will not sew.
  • Thread cutter
    • conveniently placed for quick cutting of threads.
  • Moveable upper cutter
    • Disengage the cutter for special techniques.

Main features

  • 4 Thread
  • Use with 2, 3 or 4 threads
  • Differential feed
  • Easy to follow colour coded threading
  • Easy thread “lay in” top tensions
  • Adjustable foot pressure
  • Free arm facility
  • Pre threaded with 4 white cones

Standard accessories

  • Instructional DVD
  • Spool caps (4)
  • Spool holders (4)
  • Lower knife (1)
  • Spreader
  • Screwdriver
  • Tweezers
  • Lint brush
  • Oil
  • Waste tray


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