Pegasus 3-Thread Roll Edge Hemmer M952-16S2-1.5/Z054


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We build this machine using the highest quality silent servo motor and  quality stand with castor wheels. This is special made for fine narrow 3 thread roll hem edging ideal for wedding dresses etc… Dirt and Dust prevention measures strengthened further Thanks to our excellent oil blocking mechanisms, including a totally enclosed needle bar chamber, with a force-drain function, and other similar features, the Pegasus M900 series protects your important sewn products from oil stains. The upper looper mechanism includes special functions, so dirt prevention measures have been strengthened further. This machine-friendly feature prevents dirt and dust from getting into the inside of the machine, contributing to an increase in production. Achieves a maximum machine speed of 7,000 sti/min Achieves a maximum machine speed of 7,000 sti/min resulting in production increases Introduction of the rustproof needle plate The Needle plate is surface-treated as a rust prevention measure. Thanks to this feature, the needle is not damaged by fabrics processed with a chemical agents and/or dyes.


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