LED Energy Saving Sewing Machine Light (DS-28K)


  • Ideal for Industrial Machines
  • Can also be clamped onto sewing desks/areas
  • Energy Saving
SKU: LED Light DS-28K

This LED sewing light/lamp is a useful accessory that will illuminate the entire sewing area and eliminate shadowing! This useful light simply clamps on to your sewing table and can bend any way with its flexiable arm, designed to light up your sewing space! With multiple brightness settings you can choose from a dimmer light up to the brightest function.


  • LED Light
  • Multiple Levels of Brightness
  • Blue Button – Use the blue button on the head of the light to select your preferred brightness setting
  • Flexible Arm – Bend the light in any position to focus the light where its required
  • On/Off Switch – Located at the base of the light unit
  • Energy Saving
  • Ideal for clamping on to industrial machine tables
  • Also can be clamped onto sewing desks/areas for domestic machines, workshops etc.