Juki LK-1900S Bartack Machine


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SKU: LK-1900S


  • 51 patterns as standard (with different stitch directions/number of stitches)
  • Sewing area of 30 mm x 40 mm
  • Computer controlled, high speed, bar tacking machine
  • Standard with operation panel with voice guidance system and clock function
  • Voice guidance system is used to give operator information on how many pieces produced, work progress, operation rate of sewing etc.
  • Bar-tacking data can be changed easily e.g. enlargement/reduction by entering scale ration into panel
  • Standard patterns can be allocated to pattern keys
  • USB Port for updating the machine
  • Maximum speed 3200 spm
  • Increased thread trimming speed
  • Increased speed of work clamp lifting
  • Large memory capacity to store different scale ratios
  • Intermittent feed control system
  • Work clamp lifting height 17mm maximum
  • LED Lighting (brightness can be adjusted)
  • Long distance from machine arm to needle for ease of handling material
  • Semi-dry head (Hook min lubrication)
  • Stitch length 0.1 – 10 mm
  • 41.2 mm needle bar stroke
  • Auto lifter
  • Needle code DB X 5
  • 20,000 stitches can be stored in memory
  • 42 kg machine head

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