Juki LK-1900BNSS Bartack Machine

Juki LK-1900BNSS Bartack Machine


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  • 51 sewing patterns as standard 
  • Computer Controlled, High Speed, Bar-tack machine
  • High productivity 
  • Maximum speed 3200 spm 
  • Speeds of starting, stopping, thread trimming and auto foot lift have all been increased for a shorter work time and increased productivity 
  • Low noise vibration 
  • Direct Drive
  • Excellent seam quality 
  • Able to sew buttons 
  • Sewing point can be corrected for button sewing so the needle drops at the correct point
  • Auto lifter mechanism 
  • Standard height of clamp foot lift 14 mm 
  • Maximum height of clamp foot lift 17 mm 
  • Oil stains eliminated due to dry head technology 
  • Needle bar and take up no longer need lubrication 
  • Eco friendly power saving
  • Electronic thread tension control mechanism 
  • Standard control panel with USB port for updating machine 
  • LED Lighting (5 levels of brightness intensity)


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