Janome Embroidery Iron on Stabiliser


Iron on Embroidery Stabiliser/Backing 

  • 10M x 35cm Roll
  • For all embroidery machines
  • Iron on
  • Easy to Remove After Embroidery
SKU: Janome Embroidery Iron on Stabiliser

Many fall into the trap of using interfacings to support their fabric but they are not suitable as a backing support for your embroidery.

Interfacings are designed specifically for dressmaking, they are placed in between two pieces of fabric (i.e. collars, cuffs) to add support without stiffness and therefore they have a certain amount of give.

Embroidery however needs stabiliser fabric to avoid puckering and it is for this reason that we recommend the Janome stabiliser which, whenever possible should be ironed on. This will stabilise the fibres of your fabric and prevent distortion.

In the case of some designs where there is heavy embroidery stitching it may be necessary to use two or more layers of stabiliser.

Ensure that the whole area of the fabric being put into the hoop is covered; this will also prevent the fabric from being stretched by the hoop itself.

Once your design is completed, the stabiliser can be torn away