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  • 2, 3 or 4 Thread Overlocker, with Differential Feed. Easy to work and thread.
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  • Special launch promotion of Jaguar into the UK Market to join other European Jaguar markets.

This Jaguar 2015 Overlocker is a brilliantly engineered machine which can be used as either a 2, 3 or 4 thread overlocker and is made by Jaguar to a high specification.

You can thread this easythreading machine from start to finish in under 5 minutes including the loopers!

This overlocker comes with many outstanding features and high specification including electronic foot control, differential feed for control of the more challenging fabrics and a foot pressure regulator.
With this machine, you do not need to use the two needles and can still have a great overlocker stitch!

The Jaguar 2015 will do 4 thread overlock and 4 thread safety seam overlock, 3 thread wide overlock, 3 narrow overlock and 3 thread rolled hem, 2 thread rolled hem, 2 thread overlock and 2 thread super stretch.
The overlock stitch is fully adjustable on the stitch length and the overedge cutting dial allows you to fine tune the edge of the overlock stopping the loops to hang of the edge or curl the edge.
 A hidden blade at the back of the machine makes it quick and easy to cut your thread when finished stitching.
The main bonus with this machine is that the whole of front opens up, making it alot easier to thread, sew the thread paths and to clean. 
Everything you need to convert the overlocker to the different stitch variants is located on the inside of the drop down front. 
There is even a built-in needle cushion, to place your needle when you use the overlocker as a 3 thread and needle threader for the top two needles.
The differential feed allows you to offset the stretch in your fabric, so you can get the straightest overlock edge even on the trickiest stretch fabric.

Whether you are sewing fine silk or stretchy lycra, this overlocker has the ability to give you a professional edge finish as well as a twin needle facility for a sturdy edge.

Accessories included:
Spare needles
Lint brush
Stitch finger A
Stitch finger B
Cloth guide
Tape measure
4 Spool Disc
Instructional DVD
Cone threaded with test spool


Jaguar Industrial Sewing Machines

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