Jack H6 Fully Automatic Walking Foot

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Jack H6

  • Fully Automatic Walking Foot
  • Stitch Length Adjustable on Smart Panel
  • Reverse Button Near the Needle
  • Half Stitch Button

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The Jack H6 is a single needle, walking foot lockstitch machine that is geared towards sewing heavier/thicker materials such as leathers and upholstery fabric. It features useful automatic features such as the auto thread trimmer, auto foot lift, auto back-tack and needle position. The main difference between this machine and other Jack walking foot machines (H2 & H5) is that the Jack H6 has a computerised smart panel to adjust the stitch length using buttons instead of having a stitch length dial. The smart panel also allows you to adjust back-tack settings, speed control and even straight stitch pattern sewing! Another difference is that the H6 has relocated the reverse function to a quick access button near the needle, making it easier to access the reverse function. Accompanied by two more quick access buttons that control the needle position and half stitch function.


  • Single Needle Walking Foot Machine
  • Fully Automatic Machine
  • Automatic Backtack – Reinforces the start and end of the stitching.
  • Automatic Foot Lift – Tap the pedal back once to automatically lift the foot.
  • Automatic Thread Trimming – Thread cuts off automatically for a neat finish
  • Stitch Length Adjustable on the Smart Panel
  • 3 x Quick Access Buttons Near Needle – Reverse button, needle position and half stitch button.
  • Straight Stitch Pattern Function – Enable pattern sewing if required/changes the look of the straight stitch
  • Direct Drive Motor – located in the head of the machine for quieter operation and low energy consumption
  • USB Port – Ideal for phone charging/any updates required
  • Barcode to Scan – Scan the barcode at the bottom of the machine to open up help/manuals on your phone. 

Machine Specifications: 

  • 2200 Stitches Per Minute Maximum Speed
  • 10mm Maximum Stitch Length
  • 7.5mm Presser Foot Clearance Via Hand Lift
  • 16mm Presser Foot Clearance Via Automatic Lifter
  • DP X 17 Needle Code.

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