Jack A4E

Jack A4E


Jack A4E – Please call/email with your postcode prior to ordering for delivery quotes! 

  • Improved Backtack System
  • Electronic Control Stitch Length
  • Perfect for High End Garments
  • Extremely Quiet and Low Vibration


The Jack A4E is a computerised lockstitch machine with an electronically controlled stitch length and improved backtack. The A4E is an improved version of the Jack A4. The main differences are it has a new and improved backtack system with its high stitch overlapping ratio, which allows the backtack to look tidy, professional and even stronger. It also differs from its previous model as the A4E has not got a stitch length dial, instead the stitch length can be altered via the smart panel on the machine head. You can even program the machine to create different straight stitch patterns to meet individual needs (see images attached) 

The main difference between the A4E and the A5E is that the A4E has an oil sump/tray underneath the machine (instead of a fully enclosed system) and also has a slightly longer thread trim.


  • Straight Stitch Lockstitch Machine
  • Quieter Backtack Function
  • Suitable for Light – Medium Heavy Materials
  • Extremely Quiet with Minimal Vibrations
  • Direct Drive, Silent Servo Motor – The motor is located in the head of the machine
  • Accurate Needle Drop – Reduction of Issues such as Stitch Skipping and Thread Snapping
  • Stitch Length Adjustable on Panel – The Length Can Also Be Locked Into Place on Screen to Avoid Operator Mis-Operation
  • Different Straight Stitch Patterns can be Programmed to Create Different Look
  • Perfect Sewing Quality – Ideal for Higher End Garments
  • Easy 1 Key Reset Button – Reset to Factory Settings with 1 Button
  • Cooling Fan for Direct Drive Motor – Ideal for Prolonging the Life
  • USB Port – Useful for Phone Charging and Software Updates
  • Small Thread End After Thread Trimming
  • Needle Up/Down Function
  • Adjustable Speed Control – Set the Speed to Your Own Preference
  • LED Lighting Built In
  • Self Oiling – Constantly Oils the Machine when in Use
  • Adjustable Stitch Length 0-5mm
  • Sewing Speed Maximum 5500 Stitch Per Minute
  • Presser Foot Lifter Height of 5mm (by hand lift) or 13mm (by knee lift)
  • Reverse Function – Reverse Stitching
  • Backtack Function – For Reinforcement Stitches
  • Half Stitch Function
  • QR Code On Machine – For Product Information and Introduction
  • Needle Code DB X 1
  • High Precision Stitching – Can Reach 0.1mm Length Controlled by Step Motor and can be Locked into Place

Machine Specifications

  • Oil Stored in Oil Sump/Tray – Fill in between the high/low lines.
  • Needle Code: DB X 1
  • Machine Table Dimensions: 119cm Length x 55cm Wide
  • Machine Head Weight 74KG

Included Accessories 

  • Instruction Manual
  • Bobbins
  • Needles
  • Oil
  • Machine Dust Cover


Additional information

Weight 74 kg


Jack Sewing Machines

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