Brother S-7250A-703 Nexio


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SKU: Brother S-7250a Nexio Premium

Features of Brother S-7250A Nexio 

  • Single Needle Direct Drive
  • Lockstitch machine
  • Electronic Feeding System
  • Thread Trimmer
  • Equipped with DigiFlexFeed (DFF) for higher productivity
  • DFF reduces needle breakages, puckering and fabric slippage
  • Sealed oil pan to reduce oil leaks and stains
  • New double action thread trimming mechanism which cuts the thread at a minimum of 3mm
  • Easy operation with simple control panel – with the panel you can change stitch length and sewing speed easily
  • Nexio Series are IoT applicable (internet of things) meaning you can link up several machines to computer technology to manage and speed up productivity.
  • USB Port for software updates and data transfer
  • 5mm Max stitch length
  • 5000 spm (sewing speed)
  • 3000 spm (backtack speed)
  • Backtack option
  • 6mm presser foot lift (by hand)
  • 13mm presser foot lift (by knee lift)

DigiFlex Feed Direct Electronic Feed Control

  • Improvement in the reduction of needle breakage and productivity.
  • Simple select and smooth sewing without material slipping
  • Excellent sewing quality that’s easy to get proper thread tension in accordance with several materials

Needle Breakage Prevention with Brother Own 3 Functions

  • Optimization of fabric feed timing by changing feed motion F
  • Fabric can be fed at an appropriate timing so that needle won’t break even during thick material sewing.
  • Compared to conventional mechanical control, the stepping motor control makes the response of reverse sewing quicker and reduces needle breakage.
  • Equipped with needle prevent 3 breakage function while reverse sewing
  • Sensing needle position and controlling proper feed timing that prevent from unreasonable reverse sewing as needle breaks automatically.

A Variety of Functions Realize Ease of Use and Ideal Sewing Quality

  • Beautiful stitching without puckering
  • DFF realizes appropriate thread tightening in relation with the fabric and reduces puckering.
  • Short remaining thread, (3mm) 5 doesn’t require after-cutting process
  • The new double action thread trimming mechanism cuts the thread right under the needle hole, realizing the short remaining thread at minimum of 3mm. The disposition of thread ends after sewing can be reduced.
  • Oil staining prevention.
  • The closed oil tank enables clean sewing more than conventional model’s that does stain sewing material. The minimum lubrication system prevents problems such as oil leakage and oil scattering.
  • Easy operation with a simple panel.
  • You can change the stitch length and sewing speed easily. In addition, it is possible to set the stitch length as a numerical value.
  • Stress relief at reverse sewing because the reverse sewing is changed to motor control, vibration and noise are suppressed. It contributes a stress relief.
  • Reduction of hanging fabric by arranging rubber on the back side which had been installed at the four corners of the bed of the sewing machine on the surface, it becomes easier to handle the fabric.


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