Brother S7100A

Brother S7100A


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  • Single needle lock stitch machine 
  • Straight stitch machine 
  • Thread trimmer 
  • High speed sewing
  • New hook enhancing sewing performance 
  • Needle breakage prevention function 
  • Light-Medium fabrics 
  • 5000 spm max speed
  • 4.2mm Max length
  • 31mm needle bar stroke 
  • Energy saving machine
  • Dry head technology to stop oil leakage/stains
  • User friendly operation panel 
  • Low noise and vibration 
  • Easy maintenance 
  • Large arm pocket enabling easy material handling 
  • Bottom feed
  • Direct drive
  • Thread trimmer 
  • Operation panel 
  • Multi use 


  • For Brother S7100A-403 and S7100A-303 models needle code is DB X 5
  • For Brother S7100A-305 and S7100A-405 models needle code is DB X 1


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