Brother PR1055X 10-needle Embroidery (With Lots of FREE Frames)



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With the Brother PR1055X create beautiful embroidery of a professional quality. With 10 needles, large designs with multiple colours are embroidered with ease, choose any of the 600 built in designs or upload your own designs and logos via the USB port ready to sew in seconds. The PR1055X even has built in tutorial videos and troubleshooting help built into the screen for everything from basic operation such as threading to maintenance of your machine.

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  • 10 Needle Embroidery Machine
  • Handles larger garments easily e.g. jackets, quilts etc.
  • Auto Needle Threader
  • Auto thread trimming
  • LED Light
  • 606 Built in Embroidery designs
  • Built in Monogram styles (3 lettering, 15 frames etc.)
  • 37 Built in Fonts
  • USB Ports and SD Card slots for downloading designs
  • Easy threading preventing tangles and provides stable thread tension
  • Thread stand with LED guide lights – multi-colour LED lights help show position of broken threads
  • Applique function
  • Progress indication bar shows how far you are through your design
  • Stitch simulator to preview design before starting
  • 4 Frame sizes included as standard (360 x 200 mm, 180 x 130 mm, 100 x 100, 60 x 40 mm)
  • Customise designs on screen e.g text arrangement, rotation, size, combining and lettering
  • Position scanning – scan project into hoop and display on screen so you can position the design accurately
  • My Design Centre – Create your own designs from clipart, image files or drawings (need to purchase PRSCANFKIT1 to allow this feature)
  • 22 On screen tutorials to guide you
  • 13 languages built in to select
  • Cylinder arm
  • Easy access bobbin
  • 1000 spm maximum speed
  • 400 spm minimum speed
  • Can link up to 4 machines to enhance productivity so they will all do the same design at the same time

Accessories included

  • Accessory case
  • Needle set x 2
  • Pre-wound bobbin x 6
  • Spool net x 10
  • Seam ripper
  • Scissors
  • Tweezers
  • Touch pen
  • Needle changing tool
  • Threader
  • Needle plate spacer
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Standard screwdriver
  • Allen screwdriver
  • Offset screwdriver
  • Disc shaped screwdriver
  • Wrench (spanner) 13 x 10
  • Oiler
  • Cleaning brush
  • Weight
  • Usb cord clamp
  • Spool mat x 10
  • Spool cap x 10
  • USB cable
  • Embroidery frame (extra large) H 200mm x W 360mm H 7 7/8inches x W 14inches
  • Embroidery frame (large) H 130mm x W 180mm H 5 1/8 inches x W 7 1/8 inches
  • Embroidery frame (medium) H 100mm x W 100mm H 4inches x W 4inches
  • Embroidery frame (small) H 40mm x W 60mm H 1½ inch x W 2 3/8 inches
  • Embroidery sheet (extra large) H 200mm x W 360mm H 7-7/8inches x W 14 inches
  • Embroidery sheet (large) H 130mm x W 180mm H 5 1/8 inches x W 7 1/8 inches
  • Embroidery sheet (medium) H 100mm x W 100mm H 4inches x W 4inches
  • Embroidery sheet (small) H 40mm x W 60mm H 1½ inch x W 2 3/8 inches
  • Embroidery positioning sticker sheets
  • Embroidery frame holder A (With White Corner Cover)
  • Embroidery frame holder B (with light grey corner cover)
  • Operation manual
  • Quick reference guide
  • Wide table

Machine net weight: 52KG


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