Brother PR Magnetic Frame M 100 x 100 Frame Only


100 X 100 Magnetic Frame M PRVMFM 

  • 100 X 100 Magnetic Frame Only
  • Reduces Hoop Burn Marks
  • Easy Hooping Technique
  • Bracket Not Included (See PRVMFMKIT for full kit)
  • Compatible with models: PR680W & PR1055X

With the 100 X 100 Magnetic Brother Frame, hooping is made easy and without the risk of hoop marks/burns in delicate materials. The Magnetic Frames make it easier to embroider on difficult garments such as tote bags, which you can now reach the mid and bottom area of the bag with this hooping system. 


  • 100 x 100 mm (4 x 4″) embroidery area.
  • Perfect for beginners! No catches, no levers, just place the magnets and embroider.
  • Embroider materials up to 2mm thick.
  • Reduces scratching and hoop burn damage to your hooped materials.
  • Use with difficult to hoop and tubular items that cannot be hooped in traditional Clamp M hoops – tote bags, small shirts, embroidery blanks and more!
  • Now you can stitch on the mid and bottom parts of tote bags.
  • Can be used without removing the base embroidery frame from the machine.
  • Scale marks every 10 mm for easy position reference.
  • Compatible with models: PR680W & PR1055X