Brother Nexio S7300A-903 Premium


Nexio S7300A-903P

  • Automatic Thread Trimming
  • Automatic Foot Lift
  • Automatic Backtack
  • Needle Breakage Prevention
  • Digiflex Feed Control
  • Design Stitch Function

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SKU: S7300A-903P

The Brother Nexio is one of the worlds 1st lockstitch machines which adopts the electronic feed control, which is directly connected with a stepping motor. With its amazing needle breakage prevention function and digiflex feed control the S7300A-903P produces professional quality stitching on a wide range of materials. As this model is fully automatic it is capable of time saving features such as automatic thread trimming, automatic backtack stitching and even has an automatic presser foot lift.


  • High Quality Stitch
  • Straight Stitch Industrial Lockstitch Machine
  • Fully Automatic Machine – This model has time saving features such as auto thread trimming, auto back tack and auto foot lifter
  • Direct Drive Motor – The motor is located in the head of the machine
  • Silent Servo Motor – Quiet when running for smooth operation and very limited vibrations. 
  • LCD Colour Touch Screen for intuitive operation – Indicates display items with illustration icons, ‘easy home mode’ for operators and ‘detailed mode’ for mechanics
  • New Value with ‘Design Stitch’ – Enables the user to change the stitch length of each individual stitch in the same seam
  • Enhanced capability with the new hand switch
  • Accurate Needle Drop – Needle Drop Position is very accurate for a professional finish
  • LED Lighting – Lights up the sewing area to reduce shadowing
  • Worlds First Digiflex Feed Control Connected by Stepping Motor – The feed motion can be changed with one touch of the button which provides the best quality stitching for various materials.
  • Needle Breakage Prevention Function – Prevents needle breakages while reverse stitching with an actuator switch 
  • New Hook Enhances Sewing Capability – The new hook has been improved to enable you to expand the sewing range for medium materials and also for the heavier weight materials
  • 49KG Machine Head Weight

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