12V Bulky Overlock Foot (computerised only)


12V Bulky Overlock Foot (computerised models only)

  • Sewing on thick cords, strings of beads and sequins
  • For making and sewing in piping in a single operation
  • For 5.5 mm and 9 mm machines


SKU: 12V Bulky Overlock Foot (computerised only)

The BERNINA Bulky overlock foot #12 has a wide groove in the sole, making it ideal for sewing bulky knitted fabrics or for attaching leather strips. One side of the sole is longer than the other, allowing even thick and uneven fabrics to travel under it smoothly. The presser foot also has a guide hole for sewing over piping cord.

Furthermore, the Bulky overlock foot #12 is also a popular presser foot for attaching thick cords and sequins, enabling you to create stylish embellishments on garments, needlework and home furnishings.


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