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Jaguar Industrial Sewing Machines

Jaguar Industrial Sewing Machines

The Jaguar sewing machines brand has come a long way since establishing itself in the 1940’s by Japanese company Maruzen Sewing Machine Co. Their reputation for manufacturing the very finest Jaguar industrial sewing machines has led them to produce some of the very best standard sewing machines on the market today. If you are looking for a sewing machine that you can rely on, made to the highest specifications possible, then be sure to take a look at our jaguar industrial sewing machines on offer. With exceptional innovation and the very best in Japanese technology being utilised in the creation of the fantastic jaguar sewing machines you see here, you will most certainly find these tools are ideal for even the most demanding work.

Every single Jaguar sewing machine on sale makes sewing easy, straightforward and effortless thanks to their outstanding features. Whether you are looking to pursue your hobby in your spare time or want to make a career from your sewing prowess, Jaguar sewing machines will be able to make sewing accessible to all. Something to also consider when sourcing the right tools for manufacturing your creations is a Jaguar over locker to work alongside your Jaguar industrial sewing machines.

Jaguar Sewing Machines And Overlockers

Alongside bringing you exceptional Jaguar industrial sewing machines, another piece of kit that can come in handy when manufacturing any form of textile item is the use of an overlocker. Our Jaguar sewing machines and overlockers are perfect for beginners and professionals as they feature some most high tech features that you won’t see in other sewing machines. Our Jaguar industrial sewing machines offer various needle settings and adjustable foot pressure as well as many other built in and exceptional quality features that make sewing easy, fun and versatile.

Our Jaguar sewing machines and overlockers come with plenty of accessories to really make the purchase of a Jaguar machine a fantastic investment and offer exceptional value for money. An overlocker is designed to cut as you sew and allows you to work with any material (be it lycra, fine silk or cotton) and produce a beautiful edge, every time. Easy threading features mean that you no longer have to deal with hours spent behind a machine, attempting to work out the quickest way to thread it up. With Jaguar, you can get started right away and enjoy increased productivity with incredible, easy thread technology. With a 12 month warranty and lots of impressive features that are designed to make sewing efficient and professional, our Jaguar machines make for the ideal investment into your future and the future of your business.

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