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Jack H2 Walking Foot Machine

The Jack H2 is a top and bottom feeding, walking foot machine. The machine comes with a direct drive silent motor with an inbuilt fan to cool the motor down and prolong its life. The machine is capeable of sewing up to 10 layers of medium leather and has very low vibration when running. There is a smart control panel intergrated into the head of the machine which allows you to control the speed and set it to where you're comfortable. With a 13mm presser foot lift (by Knee Lift), 37mm needle bar stroke and 8mm stitch length, this machine is ideal for upholstery, bag makers, car interior, boat covers, tents, sails and much more!



  • Top and Bottom Feed - Thicker fabrics fed through with ease
  • Walking Foot - Inner and outer part of the foot help feed fabric through constantly
  • Direct Drive Silent Motor - Motor is located in the head of the machine
  • Heavy Duty Lockstitch Machine
  • LEDs Lighting up the sewing area
  • Reverse Lever
  • Back Tack - Reinforce your sewing by pressing down on the back of the pedal for automatic backtacks
  • Quiet While Running
  • Easy to Use Panel - change the speed on the panel 
  • Cooling Fan - Located in the motor to prolong motor life
  • DB X 17 Needle Code
  • 2000 Stitches per Minute
  • 8mm Maximum Stitch Length 
  • 6mm Presser Foot Lift by Hand Lever
  • 13mm Presser Foot Lift by Knee Lift 
  • 37mm Needle Bar Stroke 
  • Knee Lift 
  • Speed Control 
  • Needle up/down function - set the needle stop position 
  • Ideal for Upholstery, Bags, Tents, Car Interiors, Boat Covers etc. 
  • Bobbin Winding while Sewing - Located on top of the machine
  • Self-Oiling - As you use the machine oil is pumped around the machine automatically 
  • Sealed Foot Bar - Reduces the risk of oil stains 

Included Accessories 

  • Oil 
  • Needle Set
  • Bobbins x 4 

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Jack H2 Walking Foot Machine

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