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Juki LU-1509NH

The Juki LU1509-NH is the extra heavy version of the LU-1509NS. It is a single needle, unison feed, lockstitch machine with a double capacity hook. It is ideal for sewing extra heavy weight materials such as cargo straps, car seats, sofas and bags etc. 

  • Walking Foot, Needle feed Machine (Unison or Compound Feed)
  • Ideal for extra-heavy weight materials (cargo handling belts, car seats, sofas bags etc)
  • 2000 spm maximum speed (can change the speed to suit the user)
  • 10mm Maximum stitch length 
  • 9mm presser foot lift by hand
  • 16mm presser foot lift by knee lift
  • 190R long needle  
  • Double capacity hook to hold more thread 
  • 38mm needle bar stroke helps when sewing heavy weight materials 
  • Prevents stitch gathering due to the new feed mechanism with a rectangular feeding motion 
  • Reduced noise and vibration from lower orbit of the feed dogs
  • Prevents irregular stitches with alternating vertical movement mechanism (this is where the walking foot keeps a consistent pressure to stop irregular stitches even when sewing different material thicknesses)
  • Consistent seam quality 
  • Feeds heavy materials powerfully and smoothly 
  • 255mm distance from needle to machine arm 
  • machine head weight 

Difference between LU-1509NS and LU-1509NH

  • LU-1509NH is for extra heavy materials and the LU-1509NS is just for heavy materials
  • LU-1509NH can run at a maximum speed of 2000 spm and the LU-1509NS can run at a maximum speed of 2500 spm
  • LU-1509NH maximum stitch length is 10mm and the LU-1509NS has a maximum length of 9mm

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Juki LU-1509NH

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