Whether you are buying your first home sewing machine or looking for the right one to replace what you currently have. At Direct Sewing Machines we can present you with the best home sewing machines for beginners and professionals available. For beginners, we will uncover some of the basic knowledge you need to decide on a first machine. Here you will find a selection of simple to use but quality crafted sewing machines. Whether you are on a budget or not, we will give you our choices for the sewing machine you need. Suggesting the best basic home sewing machine means you can learn the foundations while producing quality products. Each section will have three levels: beginner on a budget, beginner’s without a budget and the choice of professionals.

Best mini sewing machine for home use

Budget beginner: Singer Compact M2105 (£125.00)

singer m2105Starting on a mini sewing machine should be easy and simple. There’s no need to complicate using a sewing machine. The Singer Compact M2105 gives you everything you need for someone starting out. Here are some of the useful features of this model:
  • 8 stitch styles, with an easy select dial 
  • Lightweight and compact design, saving you space at home
  • The full metal frame feels solid and well crafted
  • 4 step buttonhole, ideal for beginners trying to reduce mistakes in their work
  • The reverse lever helps reinforce stitches 

Beginners without a budget: Singer Tradition 2263 (£199.00)

Singer Tradition 2263Once again we look back at a Singer sewing machine. The Singer Tradition 2263 offers a little bit more than the Compact M2105 but keeps the design simple enough for beginners to use. Here are some of the features you can benefit from by increasing your budget:
  • 23 stitch styles, with an easy select dial
  • Stitch length adjuster, on a second select dial 
  • Built-in carry handle makes for easy transport
  • Needle threader saves you some time whenever you chose to sew
  • Adjustable tension dial 
If you intend to sew frequently. Consider this as an investment to your future as a seamstress or seamster. It carries all the features of the Singer Compact M2105 and more. You can’t go wrong with the Singer Tradition 2263.

The choice of professionals: Brother Innov-is A60 Special Edition (£449.00)

Brother Innov-is A60 Special EditionThis is our first look at computerised sewing machines. So what’s available with a basic computerised sewing machine? You get access to many more stitch types, LCD displays that show you the input stitch styles. Often you will find a computerised sewing machine gives you a greater level of precision. With the Brother Innov-is A60 Special Edition you get:
  • 60 stitch styles, accessed through 
  • 6 types of 1-step automatic buttonhole
  • Led lighting, makes it easy to see in the dark and get a clear view of what you are sewing
  • Twin needle setting 
  • Slide type speed control, allows you to set the speed to your preference 

Best home embroidery sewing machine

Budget beginner: Brother Innov-is F440E (£949.00)

Brother Innov-is F440EEmbroidery sewing machines themselves start at a higher price point as they allow you to place much finer details into items. They are however worth every penny as they save you countless hours you might spend hand embroidering. Our favourite functions of the Brother Innov-is F440E include:
  • 138 built-in embroidery designs
  • 11 embroidery fonts
  • 140 built-in frames (14 stitch styles, 10 shapes)
  • Led lighting, light up your work to make it easy to see
  • The ability to create your own designs with the Brother PE-Design software

Beginners without a budget: Janome MC550E Embroidery Only Machine (£1799.00) 

Janome MC550E Embroidery Only MachineA significant increase in the budget should mean a significant amount of improvements. The Janome MC550E is proof of this. By spending more you can get the best home embroidery sewing machine. It is not only easy to use but gives you a greater sense of creative freedom. Here’s what you get:
  • A full-colour screen, see the design before you sew
  • A carry handle 
  • 5 LEDs, allowing you to see the precise detail in each stitch 
  • Remaining bobbin feature, let’s you know when you need to replace your threads
  • 6 monogramming fonts 
  • 180 built-in embroidery designs
  • Design time indicator lets you know where you are in the process

The choice of professionals: Bernina S500E Embroidery Only Machine (£2495.00)

Bernina S500E (Embroidery Only Machine)This is the number one choice when it comes to home embroidery. If embroidery is your passion, pick something that shows it. The Bernia S500E has everything you could need in an embroidery kit such as:
  • 275 built-in embroidery designs
  • 12 LEDs
  • 1000 stitches per minute, giving you the ability to create beautiful designs rapidly
  • A Bernina hook, allows you to make huge embroidery pieces without stopping your sewing
  • 8 alphabets 
  • Colour touch screen for ease of access

Best heavy duty sewing machine for home use

Budget beginner: Singer Heavy Duty 4411 (£249.00)

Singer Heavy Duty 4411Previously we spoke about what makes the best mini sewing machine for home use. But if you want to go through thicker materials then you’ll need a heavy-duty sewing machine. The Singer Heavy Duty 4411 is the best entry machine on the market. This is what it gives you:
  • 11 stitch styles, selected with an easy dial knob
  • A 4-step buttonhole
  • Adjustable stitch length 
  • Adjustable zigzag width 
  • Reverse lever
  • Snap-on presser feet, change the feet without a screwdriver
  • Extra high-pressure foot lift, offers more clearance for multiple layers of material

Beginners without a budget: Janome HD2200 (£419.00)

Janome HD2200The Janome HD2200 acts as the benchmark for the best home sewing machines. This model is sold frequently to schools due to its incredible build quality and longevity. We are proud to sell this kit as it has these notable features:
  • 22 stitch styles
  • 1-step buttonhole 
  • 900 stitches per minute, making it a fast piece of equipment
  • Manual tension control
  • SFS (superior feed system), the 7 piece feed dog makes feeding fabric easy 

The choice of professionals: Janome HD9 Professional (£1199.00)

Janome HD9 ProfessionalOur final recommendation is the Janome Heavy-duty 9, a well-built machine that has many features to make sewing like a professional easy. It is our best home sewing machine due to its great build quality and ease of practical use. Here are some of the features it possesses:
  • Strong yet light aluminium body build
  • 1600 stitches per minute!
  • Variable speed control 
  • Variable stitch length
  • Knee lifter keeps both hands free while sewing
  • LED sewing light
  • Uses industrial needles
  • Uses industrial pre-tension threading
  • Simultaneous bobbin winding
  • Large capacity bobbin lets it hold 40% more thread

Hopefully, after reading this, you should be able to make your decision today. If not call one of our sewing machine experts today on 0207 738 9040 for more information!