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Domestic Sewing Machines

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Brother L14S

Incredibly easy to operate, smooth and quiet, the L14S makes sewing a cinch.This clever little sewin..


Singer Compact M2105

The Singer Compact M2105 is a lightweight, portable machine that is perfect for beginners! As it onl..


Brother LX17

FEATURES17 Stitches4 step auto buttonholeMaximum stitch 5mm Maximum stitch length 4mmLED Sewing..


Brother LX25

FEATURES25 StitchesLED Sewing lightsFreearm conversion4 step-auto buttonholeTop Loading bobbin (anti..


Janome 219-S Special Offer Machine

The Janome 219-S is the perfect machine for any beginner, it has 14 stitches, a reverse lever, bobbi..


Janome 2200XT

FEATURES22 Stitches4-Step buttonhole4mm max stitch length5mm max stitch widthSnap on feetTwin Needle..


Brother XR27NT

FEATURES27 stitchesNeedle threaderAuto 1 step buttonholeLED Sewing lightsTop loading bobbin (anti ja..


Singer Tradition 2259

The Singer Tradition 2259 is ideal for a simple, general use sewing machine with a variety of 19 dif..


Singer Fashion Mate 3333

The Singer Fashion Mate 3333 is beautifully and thoughtfully designed, for those who need a simple m..


Singer Simple 3223

The Singer Simple 3223 is a small, simple machine created with beginner sewists in mind, due to its ..


Brother XR37NT

Main features37 stitch selectionTop loading quick set bobbinVariable stitch lengthVariable stitch wi..


ELNA Explore 220

Features 16 Stitches including buttonhole 4 step buttonholeReverse LeverEasy de-clutch for..


Janome J3-18

Features 18 Built in stitches4 step buttonholeMax 4mm stitch lengthMax 5mm stitch width Me..


Singer Talent 3321

The Singer Talent 3321 is the perfect match for both beginners and advanced sewists! It has 21 Stit..


Singer Tradition 2263

The Singer Tradition 2263 is the next step up from the basic Singer 2259 - The main difference betwe..


Singer Fashion Mate 3337

The Singer Fashion Mate 3337 has lots of amazing features for beginners and more experienced sewists..


PFAFF Smarter 140S

FEATURES OF PFAFF SMARTER 140S·        21 Stitch selections·&nbs..


Singer Tradition 2273

The Singer Tradition 2273 is a versatile, easy to use machine which is suited to both beginners and ..


Singer Fashion Mate 3342

The Singer Fashion Mate 3342 is a mechanical machine with 32 stitches, ranging from basic to decorat..


Bernette B33

After personally testing the new range of Bernette machines for some time in my opinion these a..


ELNA Explore 240

Features 24 stitches4mm maximum length 5mm maximum width Variable needle position&nbs..


Janome J3-20

Features20 Stitch SelectionsFront/bottom Loading Bobbin4mm stitch LengthVariable Zig Zag width max 5..



Features23 StitchesAutomatic 1-step buttonhole6mm maximum stitch width 4mm maximum stitch lengt..


Bernette B35

The new inexpensive sewing machine for beginners with 23 stitches and seven presser feet this is sur..


Brother Innov-is 15

Main Features:Computerised16 Stitch selectionsRotary top loading bobbinPreset and variable stitch le..


Singer Confidence 7463

The Singer Confidence 7463 is computerised, domestic sewing machine. Designed to make sewing enjoyab..


Singer Heavy Duty 4411

The Singer Heavy Duty 4411 is a strong mechanical machine that has up to 60% more power than most do..


Janome J3-24

Features24 Stitches 1 Step buttonholeMechanical Sewing machineFreearm/Flatbed conversion F..


ELNA Explore 320

Features Easy to view stitch display21 stitches 4 step buttonholeMaximum 5mm width Ma..


Brother A16

BROTHER A16 Features:Quick set bobbin 16 stitchesstart/stop buttonslide speed control lock..


Singer Heavy Duty 4423

The Singer Heavy Duty 4423 is a strong mechanical machine that has up to 60% more power than most do..


Singer Heavy Duty 5523

The Singer Heavy Duty 5523 is a strong mechanical machine that has up to 60% more power than most do..


Janome GD8100 Special offer machine

This machine is a special offer machine which means it is not available all year round, it is the pe..


Singer Confidence 7465

The Singer Confidence 7465 is a computerised, domestic sewing machine that is easy to use and ideal ..


Elna Experience 450 New

Elna Experience 450

The Elna Experience is the entry model of the Elna Computerised Machines with essential features suc..


Husqvarna Emerald 116

The Emerald™ 116 is a machine ideal for all types of sewing; from a beautiful, one-of-a kind dress t..


Janome 423s

FeaturesMechanical, metal bodied sewing machineFreearm/Flatbed conversion Front/bottom loading ..


Elna Explore 340

Features Easy to view stitch display21 stitches 1 step buttonholeMaximum 5mm width Ma..


Janome Sewist 725S

Features 25 Stitches including 1-step buttonholeMechanical Free arm/Flat bed convertible&n..


Brother Innov-is A50

Features 50 stitchesElectronic 'jog' stitch selector One action needle threader 5 sty..


Husqvarna Emerald 118

Stylish SewingThis Husqvarne is a really built solid machine with a dc motor for extra punching powe..


Janome FM725 Embellisher

The FM725 will bring out the artist in you, select from your palette of fabrics and threads and blen..


Pfaff Smarter 260C

Features27 StitchesAutomatic buttonholeStart/Stop function - machine can be used with or without a f..


Janome 230DC

Features 30 built in stitches3 automatic buttonhole stylesLCD Display screenNeedle threade..


Singer Confidence 7640 New

Singer Confidence 7640

The Singer Confidence 7640 has 200 built in stitches and even has alphanumeric stitches included - P..


Brother Innov-is A60 SE

The New Brother Innov-is A60 is the perfect sewing machine whether you are a beginner or an advanced..


Elna 520S

Features 167.5 mm sewing space30 stitches6 one step buttonholes7mm maximum stitch width 5m..


Janome HD2200

Features 22 built in stitches 1 Step buttonholeMechanical sewing machine Freearm/Flat..


Singer Confidence 7470 -11%

Singer Confidence 7470

The Singer Confidence 7470 has lots of helpful features such as a built in needle threader, an easy ..

£449.00 £399.00

Janome 360DC

Free extension table while stocks lastThe Janome 360DC Is the next model up from the Janome 230DC an..


Bernette B44

After personally testing the new range of Bernette machines for some time in opinion these are the b..


Brother Innov-is A80 (NEW)

Innov-is A80 Features80 stitches (including 8 Buttonholes) 8 styles of automatic 1 - step butto..



Features 167.5 mm sewing space50 stitches3 one step buttonholes7mm maximum stitch width 5m..


Bernette B37

Features6.69 inches throat space the right of the needle50 stitches Speed Regulator Needle Threade..


Janome 6234XL

Overlocking made easyThe 6234XL makes overlocking so easy! Incorporating the differential feed syste..


Janome 5060 QDC

The Janome 5060 is a brand new Janome model that is fully computerised with a wide variety of built ..



As a sewing enthusiast, you can transform your creative ideas into reality with a machine that feat..


Brother Innov-is A150

Innov-is A150 Features150 stitches (including 10 buttonholes) Automatic 1-step buttonholes4 Alp..


Luminaire XP1 Upgrade Kit

Expand your creativity by adding the Premium Upgrade Kit for your Luminaire Innov-is XP1.Whats inclu..


Singer Stylist 9100 New

Singer Stylist 9100

The Singer Stylist 9100 comes with lots of amazing features that make sewing easy and stress free, i..


Elna EasyCover

FEATURES OF EASYCOVER 14 stitch programsCover hem (3 mm or 6 mm)Chain stitch (3 needle position..


Janome DKS30 SE

Features 30 stitches3 buttonholes7mm stitch width 5mm stitch length Auto-thread cutte..


Husqvarna Jade 20 New

Husqvarna Jade 20

The Husqvarna Jade 20 is a new, exciting computerised sewing machine with an abundance of amazing fe..


Janome 2000CPX

Features 1,2 or 3 needles Coverstitch only machine Free arm 8kg 1000 spm ma..


Pfaff select 3.2

ADVANTAGES OF PFAFF SELECT 3.2·        Choosing stitches couldn..


Elna 550 EX

Main Features:Computerised Sewing MachineHorizontal Full Rotary HookFree Arm / Flat Bed ConversionTo..


Bernina L450

Features High quality stitchesWave free seamsColour coded threading Patented micro thread ..


Janome 740DC

Features Computerised sewing machine Freearm/flatbed conversion Top loading, jam proo..


Elna 560 EX

The Elna 560 EX boasts some of the most user friendly and advanced sewing assistant technologies. As..


Janome DKS100 SE

Features 100 built in stitches6 buttonhole styles5mm maximum stitch length 7mm maximum sti..


Janome M50QDC

Features 50 Stitches3 ButtonholesComputerised sewing machine Freearm/flatbed conversion&nb..


Pfaff Passport 3.0

The Pfaff Passport 3.0 is a small, compact machine that is still powerful despite its size. The Pass..


Bernette B38

Features394 stitches in total, including 67 decorative stitches and eight buttonholesAdjustable pres..


Brother Innov-is F420

0% Finance now available in store (Please call to arrange an appointment)Features140 stitches10 butt..


Janome 780DC (NEW)

Features Computerised sewing machine Freearm/flatbed conversion Top loading, jam proo..


Pfaff Select 4.2

ADVANTAGES OF THE PFAFF SELECT 4.2·        An extremely stro..


Elna 570 EX

Main Features:Computerised Sewing MachineFree Arm / Flat Bed ConversionMachine Size approx - 406 x 3..


Janome M100 QDC

Features 100 stitches7 Buttonhole styles7mm maximum stitch width 5mm maximum stitch length..


Husqvarna Opal 650

Go from Good to Great SewingIf you are sewing on a mechanical machine or an older computerised model..


Pfaff Ambition 610

The Pfaff Ambition 610 is a strong all rounded machine with some amazing features included such as t..


Pfaff Hobbylock 2.5

Update your machine with the fantastic Pfaff Hobbylock 2.5 - Choose from a wide variety of stitches ..


Janome M200QDC

Features 200 stitches12 buttonhole styles1 Alphabet Computerised sewing machineFreearm/Fla..


Bernina B325

Features 97 stitches incl. alphabet15 Utility stitches23 decorative stitches3 cross stitches3 q..


Brother Innov-is NV1100

0% Finance now available in store (please call to arrange an appointment for finance)Features140 sti..


Husqvarna Opal 670

Go From Good to Great SewingIf you are sewing on a mechanical machine or an older computerised model..


Janome 5270 QDC (NEW MODEL) New

Janome 5270 QDC (NEW MODEL)

The Janome 5270 QDC is a computerised sewing machine that offers an amazing range of stitches, from ..


Pfaff Ambition 620

FEATURES Needle Up/Down Mirror Image of Stitches Elongation Twin Needle Pr..


Bernina L460

FeaturesFree hand system (FSH) for knee operated presser foot liftTop speed 1500Slide on extension t..


Elna 580 eXcellence

Elna 580 eXcellenceThe prestige Elna 580 Excellence boasts fantastic sewing comfort for improved out..


Husqvarna Opal 690Q

Go From Good to Great SewingIf you are sewing on a mechanical machine or an older computerised model..


Pfaff Quilt Ambition 630

The Pfaff Quilt Ambition 630 is the perfect match for quilters and adventurous sewists, with 201 s..


Janome Atelier 3 Free Quilt kit worth £150

Janome Atelier 3 is great heavy duty strong machine which is extremely easy to use and very reliable..



  The Pfaff Coverlock 3.0 Coverstitch machine offers Coverstitch and overlocking, 5 threa..


Brother Innov-is F440E

0% Finance now available in store Features Embroidery only machine130mm x 180 mm embroider..


Brother innov-is M280D Disney

0% Finance now available in store (Please call us to arrange an appointment for finance)Features&nbs..


Brother Innov-is NV1300

0% Finance now available in store Features 182 built in stitches10 styles of 1-step button..


Elna Extend 864 Air Thread Overlocker

With the new Elna Extend 864 overlocking has never been so easy! As this is an air threading overloc..


Pfaff Admire Air 5000

The Pfaff Admire Air 5000 is a one touch air threading overlocking machine, you no longer have to st..


Janome AT2000D Air Thread Professional Overlocker

AT2000D PROFESSIONAL AIR THREAD OVERLOCKER The AT2000D is an air thread overlocker, all you nee..


Bernina B335

The Bernina B335 is a simple, easy to use machine that has an impressive 221 stitch patterns (incl. ..