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Since 1975, Battistella has been committed to producing high quality, handmade and handsome machinery in Italy. Since Battistella’s very fist iron, ‘Eva’, the quality of their products has only continued to improve which is an achievement they credit to their dedication and passion. Their irons are some of the best on the market and are known to have long, healthy lives and come in a broad variety of types and uses. They strive to keep up to date with the latest technology and continue to improve on the quality of their products. As a result, they’ve become a well known brand throughout Italy and abroad, sharing their value for quality with a worldwide market. You won’t find equipment better than Battistella industrial irons. Their priority has always been to keep ahead of developing technology and to maintain a high standard that their founder, Battistella Guerrinio, would be proud of.

Battistella produce both industrial and semi-industrial steam irons in a range of sizes. Whether you want a compact iron for an independent business or an iron centred workspace for your company, you’ll find the best of what you’re looking for from Battistella. With the semi-industrial steam irons you can choose your components individually, mixing and matching your irons, boards and steamers exactly how you want. Now you can get a top quality steam iron without all of the expensive bells and whistles attached to it.

Battistella irons really are designed with you in mind and whether you’re looking to buy one or one hundred you will always receive the finest quality products at a price that’s more than worth it.

Battistella Industrial Steam Irons

When your business is dependent on the quality of your equipment you need to be absolutely certain that you’re getting the best on the market. That is precisely why Battistella have been so successful over the years. Battistella industrial steam irons are some of highest quality you’ll find on the market and they offer so many options to choose from. You can explore a variety of styles, types and sizes to make sure that your iron suits you and your business perfectly. Customise any and all of the features on your iron. Your board; your boiler; your table suction; your table heat; your steam; everything is an option. You can also guarantee the safety and quality of Battistella’s steam irons thanks to the rigorous testing the products undergo before they’re distributed. You can personalise your irons with so much detail and the additional accessories you can choose from go that extra step to make sure that you and your Battistella product are never lacking.

If you’re looking for an extra special touch with your iron, you can buy a steam dummy to give shirts, jackets and coats the perfect, professional press. Like many other Battistella products, it utilises vacuum technology to effortlessly mould the cloths onto the body former. You can also choose from spot removers, toppers and presses as well as different board styles and sizes to get exactly what you want out of your Battistella products.

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