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Bernina mechanical machine feet

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Foot 32 7 Groove Pintuck (Older Models)

32 7 Groove Pintuck Foot Ideal for mini-piping, trimmings and smockingFor Entredeux and chopsti..


Foot 33 9 Groove Pintuck (Older Models)

Foot #33 is well suited for pintucking in fine and lightweight fabrics. Can also be used for co..


Foot 4 Zip foot (older models)

Zipper foot #4 makes quick work of inserting zippers neatly and precisely. Its narrow, centrally pla..


Foot 6 Embroidery Foot (older models)

Embroidery foot #6 is ideal for satin stitching and other dense stitch patterns. The wide channel un..


Foot 8 Jeans foot (older models)

Jeans foot  #8 is especially suited for sewing straight-stitched seams in tough, heavy fabrics ..


20 Open Toe Embroidery (Older Models)

20V Open Embroidery Foot (older models)Clear view of embroidery areaPerfect for sewing decorative st..


Foot 12 Bulky Overlock Foot (for older models)

The BERNINA Bulky overlock foot #12 has a wide groove in the sole, making it ideal for sewing bulky ..


Foot 31 5 Groove Pintuck foot (for older models)

Pintuck foot with 5 grooves #31 ist specially suited to sewing even pintucks on medium weight fabric..


Foot 9 Darning foot (older models)

With Darning foot #9, small holes and tears in fabrics practically repair themselves. The hopper mec..


Foot 38 Bi Level Piping foot (for older models)

Piping foot #38 is often also termed the “uneven foot”, owing to the different thicknesses of the tw..


Foot 34 Reverse Pattern foot with clear sole (old models)

Reverse-pattern foot with clear sole #34 affords a clear view of the needle and stitching area...


#37 Patchwork Foot (older models)

Because it’s designed for straight-stitching, Patchwork foot #37 is ideal for sewing 1/4” or 1/8” (a..


#5 Blindstitch Foot (older models)

Blindstitch foot #5 is the invisible-hemming expert. When you sew a blind-hem with this foot, the st..


#52 Zig-Zag foot with Non-Stick Sole (Older Models)

Thanks to its non-stick coating, Zigzag foot with non-stick sole #52 is superbly suited to sewing “s..


39 Embroidery Clear Older Models

The bottom of the foot has a wedge shaped indentation, which allows even satin stitching to glide un..


7 Tailor Tack Older Models

As well as for marking seam lines, Tailor-tack foot #7 can be used for sewing elegant embellishmen..


#21 Braiding Foot (older models)

Braiding foot #21 makes quick work of couching thin ribbons, cords and rickrack, and is also ideal f..


#22 3 Groove Cording Foot (for older models)

22V 3 Groove Cording FootFor simultaneously couching several strands of yarn or narrow ribbons side-..


#25 5 Groove Cording Foot (for older models)

#25 5 Groove Cording Foot For simultaneously couching several strands of yarn or narrow ribbons..


#29 Quilting Foot (for older models)

Quilting foot #29 is a special presser foot for easy free-motion, outline and stipple quilting.&nb..


#24 Free Hand Embroidery Foot (for older models)

FOOT #24 Free Hand Embroidery For precise and creative free-motion sewingFor monogram, sil..


#35 Invisible Zipper Foot (for older models)

Foot #35 Invisible Zipper foot Sewing in invisible zippers of all sizesThe zippers are virtuall..


#16 Gathering Foot (For older models)

Gathering foot #16 is suitable for gathering lightweight-to-medium weight  fabrics. The fabric ..


#18 Button sewing on foot (for older models)

Button-sew-on foot #18 is an all-rounder for sewing on buttons, snap fasteners and eyelets. Its non-..


51 Leather Roller Older Models

Roller foot #51 is expert at sewing on difficult materials. The three rollers on its sole enable it ..


54 Teflon Zip Foot Older Models

Zipper insertion is made easy with this clever foot; the "centered toe" of this foot rides close to ..


3B Sliding Buttonhole Older Models

Choose your buttonhole length with the aid of the sliding scale on the edge of the sole. Sew to the ..


55 Leather Wheel

Bernina's 'all-terrain' foot is indispensable when maximum maneuverability is required. This foot wi..


3A Automatic Buttonhole 1120 & 1130

Choose your buttonhole length with the aid of the sliding scale on the edge of the sole. Use the 'qu..